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Fernhurst Primary School

Red Kites (Year 3)

Communication is key so if there is any aspect of school life that you would like to discuss, please get in touch. 

You will receive a half termly letter outlining the learning for the half term ahead as well as weekly newsletters which share details of the week in school with you.  Take a look at the home learning page to see the current RKE sheets. 

At Fernhurst, each class enjoys a two half terms of weekly visits to our Forest School site, just a short walk away from School.  You will get  letter to let you know all of the details and we will talk to the children before we start our learning there but you will need to have waterproofs and welly boots in the event of wet weather as we will go to the forest in most weathers!  Children can wear their PE kit all day or bring some bone clothes to change into.

Autumn Term 2022

Guided Reading:  

As a class, Guided Reading is our favourite lesson - we love reading a wide range of texts every half term. We have specifically enjoyed ‘The Wild Robot’ and ‘The Iron Man’ but we also really enjoyed the poem ‘The Sound Collector’. We are confident with our retrieval skills and have been working hard to remember that learning about vocabulary will also help support us with our writing. 

We have been persisting with Addition and Subtraction this half term. After revisiting number bonds to 10 and 20 as well as how to use specific resources (dienes, numicon etc) to support our learning and how this can help us with the larger numbers. We have learnt how to exchange 10s and 100s in when adding and subtracting 3 digit numbers. However, this is a specific are we will keep revisiting in our retrieval practise opportunities. We have found that writing HTO above the digits helps us to recognise the numbers.  


We have been inspired by a variety of poems which we have used to support us in writing our own. We have written poems about animals and the weather.  

Then, we have studied a range of Non-chronological reports and are using notes to form our own sentences to make paragraphs which flow and are based on one topic. We know all the features of a non-chronological report and we understand that people choose to read these types of texts as it helps them learn.  


We have used our pre-assessments to inform our geography planning where we have then learnt about which countries are in the UK and what their capital cities are. Also, we have looked at which continents make up the Earth with a specific focus on Europe. We are able to name at least 5 countries in Europe. However, what we have enjoyed the most, is learning about what happens to the Earth when Earthquakes happen.  


We have loved our computing lessons this half term! We have learnt about Stop Motion Animation. We started our unit of work by looking at which films were produced by using stop motion animation. Then, a mysterious letter arrived asking us to create our own factual stop motion animation films about wildlife. We designed our own stop motion animation by using a storyboard and then created our ‘thinking characters’ as well as the back drop and then photographed each still and turned it into a stop motion animation movie – it was amazing. Some of us are now creating our own stop motion animation in our own time.  


We were surprised to learn that most packaging that our parcels, food and all products come in are made out of a single piece of card. We have learnt about a range of nets (there are lots of different ones!) which fold to make 3D boxes/packages. We have designed our own boxes to hold Winter/Christmas cookies and we will be seeing how successful these are on Festive Friday. We have thought about who we are giving these to and thought carefully about how to make our box attract our intended audience.