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Primary School

Backyard Forest School

Backyard Forest School are a series of videos created by Mrs Corps with ideas to do at home with a Forest School ethos at heart. Enjoy them below!

Make a Paintbrush out of a Stick

You can make paint brushes out of lots of natural materials - try using tough grasses, a pine cone, a piece of freshly cut sweet chestnut or hazel twig.



Make a Clay Face Sculpture

You might have clay in your back garden just a few centimetres below the soil - it makes great natural material for making mini sculpture!



Make a Tippy Tap to Wash your Hands

Learn how to make a tripod out of sticks and string to balance a recycled milk carton which tips dripping water onto your hands to wash - it's genius!



Make a Rope Swing

Learn some knots to make a rope swing for your soft toy!



 Wild Flower Pressing

Carefully choose some wild flowers and grasses, put them between some paper in a heavy book and press them. You can create beautiful pictures with your pressed flowers.



Natural Dyes

Learn how to use a fern leaf to make an amazing leaf print onto a piece of cotton!



Leaf Identification

Trees come in all shapes and sizes. Do you know what trees you have around you? Learn what Hazel, Beech, Oak and Sycamore leaves look like!



Make a Bird's Nest

Birds are experts at creating a home for their young! They use all sorts of natural bits and pieces. Can you make a bird's nest?



Listen to Birdsong

Which birds can you hear in your back yard? Find a comfy spot, relax and have a listen.



Learn about Wind and Compass Points

Do you know which direction the wind comes from? Make a wind catcher!



Discover Colours At Home

Make yourself an artist's palette and explore the garden to see what colours you can find this season!



Create a storyboard

Everyone loves to hear a story! Create an exciting StoryBoard out of nature bits and pieces, get comfy and begin...



Make a Sundial

Do you know you can tell the time by using the sun? Make a Sundial and watch the sun cast shadows as it travels around the sky.



Observe the Moon

Do you know when the next full moon is? Did you know that you can look at the moon through a pair of binoculars?



Learn a Clove Hitch Knot

Learn to tie a clove hitch knot and use it to take a stick or toy for a walk around your backyard!



Make your own Frame

A homemade picture frame can help your children focus on just a small area - it’s amazing what you’ll suddenly notice about the world around you!



Make your own Nature Picture

Have a wander round the garden or your doorstep, what can you find on the ground. Collect some natural bits and pieces like leaves, sticks and flowers to create your very own nature picture.



Make your own Bird Diary

Listen to the amazing bird song outside. Make a quick book out of paper and use it to make a diary of what you hear and see.



Make your own Binoculars

There's so much bird song all around us! Make your own binoculars to have a more detailed look outside.



Make your own Weaving

Birds are clever - they weave amazing nests. What can you weave with nature?



Make your own Den

Use the washing line to hang up a sheet to create your den. Make a pretend fire and cook some pancakes!



Make your own Stick Person

You'll be surprised what nature bits and pieces you can find when you tidy up you garden!