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Primary School

Covid 19

The school will continue to have increased ventilation in classes, increase the frequency of hand washing throughout the school and have an enhanced cleaning schedule.  Visitors are asked to follow the visitors policy and wear a facemask when in the building and allow the admin team to complete a touch free temperature check.  We encourage all parents to complete the twice weekly LFD tests recommended by the Government. The school works closely with The Trust and West Sussex to ensure that all local and national guidance is followed and we keep our school as safe as possible for our children and staff. 

Supporting Wellbeing

For more information and some resources on supporting your child's wellbeing during this time, please click here.

Feeling Unwell?

If your child has one of the key three symptoms, please do not send them to school but keep them at home and arrange a PCR test.  

Covid 19 Catch-Up

The Government have given schools a sum of money to support them in helping pupils to 'catch up' as a result of lost learning due to the lockdown in 2020.  The remote learning that the children completed during the Spring 2021 lockdown enabled progress to be maintained.  Within this Covid catch up plan, you will see how the school is spending the money which has been provided to help your children to make good progress towards their learning.  Please contact Mrs Thornton if you have any questions.