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Fernhurst Primary School

Curriculum, Experience & Results

At Fernhurst Primary School, we pride ourselves on the educational offer that we have in place.  With children stating "I love my school, I learn something every day" we know that we are getting it right.  Our bespoke curriculum is based on our geographical location and enables us to visit and see firsthand the topics we are studying.  Take a look at our curriculum topics to see what your children will be studying.  Look at the RKE sheets to understand the knowledge that your children will gain and how you can support them.  

In our recent parental survey, parents shared their thoughts about our curriculum and enrichment offer:

"I feel FPS has everything that a successful and prospering school should have....The children are happy, The parents are definitely happy and the teachers look happy."

"What a great offer. I have compared with friends who have children elsewhere and now feel even luckier to be at Fernhurst."