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Fernhurst Primary School


At Fernhurst Primary School, it is our intention to support our children to become lifelong learners; who have the knowledge and skill to be successful at the next stage of their educational journey. 

We implement this through a carefully sequenced curriculum and appropriate learning journeys to meet the needs of our learners.  We involve you in this process through our home learning requests and by providing you with online programmes to further support learning at home.  Our RKE sheets help you to understand what we are teaching each half-term so that you can have valuable discussions at home.  

The impact of this is the progress that your children make - the knowledge and understanding that they can apply to their learning and the recall that they have to be successful in their learning and within society.  

As a school and community we have created a vision for Fernhurst Learners, which links closely to the values and aims of the University of Chichester Academy Trust.  Please use the links below to find out more information.

Fernhurst Curriculum Statement

Trust Curriculum Statement

This journey starts in the Early Years.  We use the 'Reception Baseline Assessment' to help identify accurate starting points when children join us.  This information is then used to inform curriculum planning so that children are challenged in their learning.  Adults in EYFS support children to learn through a range of indoor and outdoor learning opportunities.  There is a combination of adult led activities each day and continuous provision (COOL time - Carry On Our Learning).

Ongoing assessment is used throughout the school with teacher assessments being made in all lessons.  Pre-unit assessments are completed two weeks prior to a unit of work to inform teachers of any gaps in understanding so that these can be addressed before the unit starts.  Post-unit assessments then check if children have retained their learning. Ongoing retrieval practice is in place to support children to revisit key learning and ensure that they can apply their knowledge in different contexts. 

Our 'Explore Curriculum' has a strong connection with the South Downs and the local area as well as environmental issues and equality.  

What is the Explore Curriculum?

The Explore Curriculum is the name we give our curriculum.  This is because, being set in the South Downs, we aim to make the most of our local area while also utilising the wide range of opportunities available to us being part of a successful Trust.  We retain high expectations with regards to the knowledge that children will develop during their time at Fernhurst while linking this with real life experiences such as trips and a a range of visitors.  

We believe children learn better when they are encouraged to use their imagination and apply their learning to engaging contexts. Our curriculum provides many learning challenges throughout the academic year that require children to solve problems, apply themselves creatively and express their knowledge and understanding effectively.  Enrichment opportunities are used to support contextual understanding of content and there are opportunities for family learning.

At the bottom of this page, you will find long term maps for each of the subjects within our curriculum.  On your class pages, you will find the RKE sheets applicable to the learning your child is experiencing this half term. 

Remote Education

In the event of school closure, teachers will provide remote education.  This will be via a Sway outlining all of the learning for the day.  When this is a planned closure, resources may be provided to support children to complete the learning.  In the event of emergency closure (eg snow days, severe weather) consideration will be given to the tasks set.  Children are asked to bring their learning into school when they return (either in a hard copy format or via electronic means as outlined in the Sway) so that the teachers can mark the work and celebrate the successes.  

The school will also provide remote learning for children who are known to be absent for medical reasons when they are well enough to work from home.  Please contact the school if this applies to your child.