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Primary School

Ethos, Aims & Values

Fernhurst Primary School sees learning as being at the heart of everything it does. Our aim is to enable all our children to become successful learners so that they develop into confident individuals, effective contributors and responsible citizens who lead happy lives.

Child centered learning through questioning, discovery, discussion and testing things out is our principle pedagogy. We endeavour to nurture creativity and innovation and encourage real thinking and self-evaluation. Our culture systematically supports a growth mindset and seeks to engage children through a diverse, stimulating and relevant curriculum. Achievement is celebrated in many forms and meeting a challenge for its own rewards is central to our values. The importance of compassion for others is stressed along with the values of tolerance, equity, fairness, justice and democracy.

Our school is at the forefront of educational research and collaboration and has strong links with local schools, other schools in the Academy Trust and the Institute of Education at the University of Chichester to enable us to provide excellent continual professional development for our staff and achieve the best possible experiences and outcomes for all our children.

Please click here to view our full Ethos, Aims and Values Statement.