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Fernhurst Primary School

Foxes Home Learning

Autumn spellings - Test is on a Monday 

Week 11

Group 1:

cautious referee effect affect vehicle
precious transferred compliment complement solemn
delicious inferring draft draught thumb
conscious marvellous profession system muscle
interfere rhyme category rhythm physical


Group 2: 

gym recover mistake build break
myth rewrite misled busy great
pyramid rediscover misread business ate
complete certain centre calendar weight
consider circle century caught sun


To help your child at home, you are asked to complete home learning each week:

  • Reading at least three times a week and recording this on Boom Reader
  • Once a book has been finished, each child needs to take the opportunity to complete a quiz about it.
  • Follow this link to complete a quiz:                           

  • If your child is finding things tricky in class, we might set them some additional tasks to do at home to help them but this would be discussed with you in advance. If your child cannot remember their passwords for each of these websites, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Take a look at the RKE sheets below - these relate to our current learning in school.  Your child should already know the R (Remember) section as this relates to previous learning that they have completed.  The K (Know) section focusses on the learning that they will do within this unit of work.  The E (Explore) section has some ideas that you could do or discuss at home to support learning.  If your child is finding it hard to recall their prior learning, you might be asked to support this at home to help them be ready for the new learning that they are about to complete.