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Primary School

Geography Genius with Miss Morris

This week, your challenge is to find out about the land of the rising sun – Japan!

Japan is infamous for its earthquakes and so this week’s activities include ideas around that.

  • Create your own structure out of pasta and sweets and see whether it can withstand a high magnitude earthquake. Instructions are here (along with other great earthquake related investigations!):

  • Make your own seismograph. These are used to help measure how big the seismic waves are of an earthquake. Learn how to make it here:

  • Cherry blossom is a very famous part of Japanese culture; you can see some in the above photo. Create your own piece of art work using the cherry blossom as the main theme. Be as creative as you like! I have included a few examples below.

  • Look up the Japanese flag and recreate it in the form of a collage.


1. Which continent does Japan belong to?

2. How many islands make up the country of Japan?

3. Which body of water surrounds Japan?

4. What is the Japanese name for Japan?

5. What is the highest mountain in Japan called?

6. Why does Japan have so many earthquakes?

7. Why is Japan known as the ‘land of the rising sun?’

8. Would you live near an earthquake zone? Why/Why not? Explain your thinking.

9. What is the capital of Japan, how many people live there and how many more/less than this is London?

10. Research into the country of Japan and choose your top five interesting facts

You can choose to either answer the above questions however you wish.  You could film yourself answering them as a news program, or perhaps you wish to make a scrapbook of your discoveries – it is entirely up to you!