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Primary School


The expectation for homework within Early Years at Fernhurst School is for children to engage in daily reading with parents and carers. This should be approximately 5-15 minutes a day. Children will take home a school reading book and we would appreciate it if parents could write details of the book, their child's enjoyment and maybe any tricky words (when appropriate). We will then aim to check their reading records daily and will do additional reading with them when in school.

To start with all children will be on 'lilac' reading books which are picture books without words. Once your child is able to recognise a number of sounds and can blend them together to make 'CVC' words (e.g. c-a-t becomes cat) they will be moved onto the next reading level. Mrs Malt will let you know when this has happened.

Children need to be able to decode (read) words and sentences as well as comprehend books. Focus on the comprehension side of reading whilst your child is still on lilac books as this will help him/ her to get ready for the next level.

Below you can find some ideas of questions to ask your child to support them with this comprehension.