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Fernhurst Primary School

Mindful Moments

Mindfulness for a healthy mind.

Things are very different for us all at the moment. We miss seeing family and friends, may be upset about having to stay home and be anxious about remaining safe and healthy. However, at the same time we can enjoy this time with our families, and will find fun activities to keep us entertained, active and happy.

'Mindful Moment' Challenge 8

“This too shall pass”

This statement reminds us all that things will change, and that we will be able to see family and friends again and also resume the routines and activities we are all missing. Have you heard of the NHS Wheel of Well-being? This wheel encourages us to think about things we can do to help improve our mood, help us find happiness and reduce our anxieties.

'Mindful Moment' Challenge 7

I love saying and hearing the word DISCOMBOBULATED. It has quite a strong meaning–to upset, confuse, frustrate, make uncomfortable. It could probably be used at the present time to describe how we are feeling about being asked to stay home, especially when we'd prefer to be with other family, see friends and get back to school. Try saying, ‘I feel discombobulated’ Now try it three times, justfor fun. Feeling a little frustrated, upset at not being able to do the things we love or see friends and family, may result in us getting a little bit grumpy. We need this next challenge to remind us that there's still lots of good happening. We should take time to think and write down all of the good things that make us feel happy and grateful at this time.

'Mindful Moment' Challenge 6

'Mindful Moment' Challenge 5

“Where words fail, music speaks,”

Hans Christian Anderson

Try to remember what you feel like after you have sung your favourite song in assembly. Have you noticed that when we all sing together a song like ‘Believe’, that some of the adults have to wipe away a tear? That's because the music has an effect on their emotions. Clever sound therapists and musicians understand that the music they produce can effect our emotions; make us happy or sad, make us laugh or feel sleepy and can definitely help us feel more relaxed and calm. If you are feeling anxious at the moment, and can't explain the ‘worry’ feeling in your body then try listening to some music to help your body relax.

'Mindful Moment' Challenge 4

At school have you ever met Eric? When we get back to school ask if you can meet him, Eric likes children because they feed him. Eric is a worry monster, he enjoys eating WORRIES, however like all of us, he currently has to stay home. This means he cannot talk to you about any unsettling feelings you might be having and also suggest things you can try to overcome this anxiety. Eric wants us to remember that worry is just an emotion both children and adults feel. Also that it is a normal feeling, it can help us to be careful and keep us safe.

'Mindful Moment' Challenge 3

Woke up, had breakfast, got ready for school… Who is missing this routine? Having a daily routine like this generally helps us feel calm and relaxed, we feel happy knowing what is happening next. Having a plan of our day could help us worry less. 

'Mindful Moment' Challenge 2

Think about how relaxed you felt when you sat and allowed your mind to focus on what you could hear, see and touch. Our mind enjoys feeling calm and this helps our whole body to feel relaxed.

Squirrels, Deers, Owls, Red Kites, Robins, Foxes, Badgers - everyone can do the following challenge, even those who tell themselves they can't draw.

'Mindful Moment' Challenge 1