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Primary School


Parents and carers need access to good quality information so they can make informed choices and to make schools accountable.  Schools are required to publish key information online and links to this information can be found throughout our website and in the list of policies and documents below.

SRE Policy Note: This policy is due to be renewed.  Due to Covid-19 there has not been an opportunity to consult with all stakeholders about these changes.  There will be a full consultation in the Autumn Term and this policy will be updated.  

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  1. Acceptable Use Agreement - Staff
  2. Acceptable Use Policy - Pupils
  3. Accessibility Plan 2020
  4. Admissions Policy 2021-22
  5. Admissions appeals 2020-2021
  6. Anti-Bullying Policy
  7. Anti fraud policy (including anti bribery)
  8. Behaviour Policy
  9. Capability Policy
  10. Child Protection Policy
  11. Charging and Remissions policy
  12. Children with health needs who cannot attend school Policy
  13. Complaints Policy
  14. Complaints Policy Appendix A
  15. CPD Policy
  16. Curriculum statement 2020-21
  17. Data Protection Policy (GDPR)
  18. Equality Policy (awaiting final approval)
  19. Equipment Loan Agreement - Pupils
  20. Equipment Loan Form - Pupils
  21. Exclusion policy
  22. Expenses Policy
  23. EYFS Policy
  24. First Aid Policy
  25. Fire Safety Policy
  26. Flood Procedure 2020
  27. Grievance Procedure
  28. Health and Safety Policy
  29. Home School Agreement WS
  30. NQT Policy
  31. Off site policy for OE
  32. Pay and Reward Policy 19-20
  33. Photography Policy
  34. Privacy notice for alumni
  35. Privacy notice for parents and carers – use of your child’s personal data
  36. Privacy notice for the school workforce
  37. Privacy notice - parents use of pupil data
  38. Procurement Policy
  39. Public Interest Disclosure
  40. Receipt of Gifts Policy
  41. Recruitment and Induction Policy HRRIP
  42. Related parties and conflict of interest policy
  43. Remote Learning Model Policy 2020-21
  44. Reserves policy
  45. Safeguarding Policy 2020-2021
  46. Security Health and Safety
  47. Sex & Relationships Policy
  48. Special Education Needs Policy and Information Report
  49. Sports Premium Funding
  50. Supporting pupils with medical conditions policy
  51. Visitors Policy During Covid-19 - Sept 2020
  52. Whistle blowing policy