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Fernhurst Primary School

Red Kites Home Learning

To help your child at home, you are asked to complete home learning each week. I have sent a separate email that has a reminder of your login details.

  • Reading at least three times a week and recording this on Boom Reader - let Mrs Kelsey know if you need a reminder of login details. 
  • Rehearsing spellings – please keep the file in your child’s book bag, we will give them a new sheet each Monday and you will be able to see their scores in the weekly spelling test.  There are ideas on the back of the sheet to help you to learn the spellings.   The sheets are also saved below in case the folder is left at school!
  • Red Kites have started work on learning times-tables by heart.   To support this, all children will be sent home with a multiplication grid to keep at home.  Please stick this up at home somewhere visible and encourage children to look at it when they practise counting in steps of 3, 4, 6 or 8, when you ask them times-tables questions or when they complete home learning tasks on Century Learning or play Hit The Button.   Looking is Learning, so the more frequently children look at the grid, the more quickly they will be able to recall the facts.
  • A fantastic tool to help support your child with Maths is White Rose Maths' 1-minute maths app: It has individual one-minute tasks that focus on ‘Subitising’, the skill of instantly recognising the number of items in a group without counting, addition & subtraction and multiplication & division. Children can choose any topic they want to try. They then answer a unique series of questions (so it’s a different set of questions every time). If they’re struggling with a question, a ‘Hint’ button will give a helpful clue by showing the question in a different but familiar way.  When the one minute’s up, they’ll see a feedback screen telling them how they’ve done. 
  • White Rose Maths have also created a full compliment of free maths workbooks that can be downloaded to practise at home!.  
  • Alongside singing Percy Parker songs, Hit the button is a very useful game for practising times tables.  By the end of year 2 children should know the 2, 5 and 10 times table.  By the end of year 4 children should also know the 3, 4 and 8 times table by heart.

  • Log in to Century Learning: I will allocate some nuggets that will be useful or you could follow your recommended path.
  • Log in to Accelerated Reader to complete a reading quiz when you finish a book.