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Primary School


Robins is taught by Mr Hussey.

During the Autumn Term, we focus on two topics - 'Road Trip USA' and 'Blue Abyss'. The first of these two topics sees us learning about the United States of America past and present, in contrast with our own country. Then, after half term, the second of these topics sees us explore the human and physical features of our oceans.

'Bottom, Burps and Bile' is the first topic of the Spring Term, where we'll be learning all about the digestion system and focus on our key text 'The Demon Dentist' by David Walliams. This is followed by the topic 'I am Warrior', which sees us explore The Roman Civilisation.

The Summer Term begins with 'Traders and Raiders', a topic where we'll find out all about the Anglo-Saxon and Viking Cultures, before ending our year with the topic 'Potions' where we'll work with the local company 'Dylan's Ice Cream' to invent our own Potion themed ice creams.