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Primary School


Robins is taught by Mr Hussey.

What a great first half of term!!!  It has been a real pleasure to get to know and begin to teach your children.  It always fascinates me how each child can be so different and unique with their own individual quirks but can yet come together as a cohesive unit - in this case Robins Class.  Being new to the school this half term has very much been the children learning about me, the way i teach and my expectations.  For me it has been learning about the school, its ways and of course the class.

We have had had a real opportunity to do this and to bond over our class based work, our topic Misty, Mountain Sierra, Forest Schools, swimming and of course outside of school on our residential one night away at PGL and it would be more than fair to say that I am extremely excited about what this year has to offer and the progress I know that your children can make.

So we now begin our countdown to the end of this first term with lots of interesting work and things to do.  Our first week back will be introducing the children to our new topic and texts and preparing some work for the upcoming, even more important than usual, remembrance service.

This website and page is for us and I hope to be able to keep it updated with what is happening within the class and how we are progressing with work that we are doing.

Please do not hesitate to talk with me if there are things in particular that you would like to see on here.

Won't be long now and it will be a New Year!