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Fernhurst Primary School

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

At Fernhurst Primary, we are committed to providing an inclusive curriculum for all, regardless of need or ability, which will enable all children to flourish. We work hard to address the needs of the whole child, to ensure that our children are healthy, safe, challenged, engaged and supported. Instilling a love of learning in all our children is essential and ensures that they have the building blocks to empower them to become life-long learners.

In order to fulfil this vision we are committed to:

- identifying and assessing pupils with SEND as early and thoroughly as is possible

- ensuring full access and entitlement to high quality education which is broad and balanced

- fully involve children, parents and staff through a graduated approach of ‘assess, plan, do and review’

- Ensuring that all children are fully involved in the life of the school

- Ensuring that all children are involved in decision-making which affects them

As an Academy Trust, we engage in research to ensure that all children make the best progress in all areas of their learning and development.  Our relational approach to education enables us to understand and meet the needs of our children.  Our ongoing CPD, supported by The University Of Chichester Academy Trust enables our staff to continuously refine teaching and learning strategies and ensure that all classes are accessing evidence based practise.  We know that the best quality education is delivered by working in  the classroom with a teacher.  Therefore, we carefully select any interventions that are delivered outside the class to compliment the quality first teaching in the classroom. 

Fernhurst Primary School recognises the entitlement of all children to a broad and balanced curriculum which is fully inclusive. The Governing Body will ensure that appropriate provision is made for all children with SEND.

If you have a complaint regarding the provision of SEND, please follow the school complaints policy. 

To discuss something about your child, contact the school office to arrange to speak with your class teacher by emailing or telephoning 01428 653144 or contact the SENDCo, Ms Ludlam at 

We have children from Hampshire, Surrey an West Sussex and we work with all three counties.  

For information about the local authority’s local offer visit their website:

West Sussex