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Primary School

Spring 1 Learning

Spring 1 Division and Multiplication Unit (Objectives with (R) are recap lessons from previous year of learning) - 

  • Multiplication – equal groups
  • Multiplication using the symbol (R)
  • Using arrays (R)
  • 2 times-table (R)
  • 5 times-table (R)
  • Make equal groups – sharing (R)
  • Make equal groups – grouping (R)
  • Divide by 2 (R)
  • Divide by 5 (R)
  • Divide by 10 (R)
  • Multiply by 3
  • Divide by 3
  • The 3 times tables
  • Multiply by 4
  • Divide by 4
  • The 4 times tables
  • Multiply by 8
  • Divide by 8
  • The 8 times tables

Spring 1 Writing - 

  • Diary Entry 

Spring 1 Spellings - 

Week 1  Week 2  Week 3  Week 4  Week 5 Week 6

The long vowel /a/ sound spelled ‘ai’.

The long /a/ vowel sound spelled ’ei.’

The long /a/ vowel sound spelled ’ey.’

Adding the suffix –ly.   Adding the –ly suffix to an adjective turns it into an adverb. Homophones words which have the same pronunciation but different meanings and/or spellings.

Challenge Week!

Words from the Year 3 NC spelling list.
straight vein obey calmly grate build
painter weigh prey exactly great describe
fainted eight convey deadly grown imagine
waist neighbour survey bravely groan library
strainer sleigh grey boldly mane natural
claimed height osprey gladly main ordinary 
chained freight disobey deeply meet recent
failure reins they clearly meat promise
snail veil surveyor hourly missed suppose
waiter eighteen conveyor quickly mist weight