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Primary School

Supporting Wellbeing


Sometimes children need some additional support emotionally.  This can be for a number of reasons from an ongoing friendship dispute, the death of a pet or another incident which has impacted them. We have a bespoke room dedicated to this important work called 'The Retreat'.  Pupils can access this for their scheduled support or during drop in sessions at break and lunch times.  Look in our Children section to find more information about the wonderful work that our two fully qualified ELSAs do. 

Care First Package

Be sure to explore our Care First Package which can provide support to all parents, pupils and staff at our school! Covering Stress, Pregnancy, Debt, Landlords, Neighbours, Nutrition and many, many more areas, Care First can support you over the phone or online for free!

Check out information in our most recent newsletter about how to login at


Wordless Picture Books and other Social Stories

Some people have asked for some resources to support children to talk about their time during Covid-19.  We have provided four wordless books to help you to speak about this time, should you feel it is right for your child.  The books have no words so that your child can look at them and create their own stories about their experiences.  If you would like any support in accessing these, please let the school office know so that we can arrange to show you some ways to introduce them with your child.