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Primary School

Writing with Mrs Richardson

Another poem for you to get your teeth into. I hope that you have fun with it.

Read the poem below, you might have to get a parent to read it with you.


Slowly the tide creeps up the sand,

Slowly the shadows cross the land.

Slowly the cart-horse pulls his mile,

Slowly the old man mounts his stile.


Slowly the hands move round the clock,

Slowly the dew dries on the dock.

Slow is the snail – but slowest of all

The green moss spreads on the old brick wall.


by James Reeves

List all of the things that you think move slowly and create your own poem.

In Key Stage 1 you could draw or create a collage of all the “slow” things that you can think of – then create your own poem based around your picture. You could just label that picture, if that is easier.

In Key Stage 2 or Year 2 – create your own Slowly poem from the list you are made, if you want more challenge change the adverb slowly to quickly or another appropriate adverb.

Good luck and I look forward to reading your poems.