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Fernhurst Primary School

Young Governors and Prefects

Your Young Governors and Prefects were voted on by you!  They meet with staff regularly to feed back your views, so please let them know your opinions about school life.  

Who are your Prefects?

Elsa Kelsey

"I am happy to be a Prefect so that I can help to make the school even better."

Maisie Bates 

"I am excited to be Prefect because our school is such a good community and I want to help support our school family."

Who are your Young Governors?

Early Years - William and Brodie

Year 1 - Jasper and Hattie

Year 2 - Pheobe and Archie

Year 3 - Ted 

Year 4 - Alice

Year 5 - Evie 

Who are your Young Leaders?

Children in Y5/6 get the opportunity to apply for leadership roles within school.  

Office Juniors - Evie, Elsa, Alexis, Lorelai, Charley, Emma, Maisie, Babalo, Heidi, Emelia and Cherri. 

These children are on a rota to work in the office during the lunch break - people who phone between 12:00-1:00 will find that one of our young people answer the phone.  They are great at their job! 

Sports Leaders - Elsa, Yoanna and Alexis.

Our sports leaders help to organise the facilitate play at breaktimes.

Librarians - Emma, Evelyn and Maisie.

They keep our library looking good and help read with others.

Class Assistant - Lily  

This role helps to maintain the stock and classroom organisation.  

Latest updates:

We have heard from our team that they would like more playtime equipment and for more games to be played.  

- We have ordered some new equipment and some new storage to make it very easy to play with it.

- There are play leaders that are being trained by Mrs Kelsey, our PE lead to deliver a range of games.

- Staff are facilitating play so that there is an organised sport being played each breaktime.