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Fernhurst Primary School

Young Governors and Prefects

Your Young Governors and Prefects were voted on by you!  They meet with Mrs Thornton regularly to feed back your views, so please let them know your opinions about school life.  

Who are your Prefects?

Hi, I am Josh and I am one of the Prefects of the school. I know I can make a difference for the school because I can listen to all of your great ideas and try to put some of them into action,  

Hi, I am James and I am in Y6 and a Prefect.  I believe that we can make a difference in the school by getting more equipment, helping other people and getting a better education.  

Who are your Young Governors?

My name is George and I am the Young Governor for Y1.  I wanted to be a Young Governor because I like doing my job.  

My name is Jago and I am the Young Governor for Y2.  I am a Young Governor because I got voted to be one.  I want to make the school better by helping people.  

Hello, my name is Jacob and I am a Young Governor in Y3.  I want to make a school a better place by helping people in the school.  

Hi, my name is Joe.  I am eight years old.  I am the Young Governor of Y4.  I want to make the school an even better place for people to learn.  

Hello, my name is Tabetha, and I am a Young Governor in Y5.  I have a job share with Lily, the other Y5 Young Governor.  I wanted to be a Young Governor because I wanted to help my peers.  Also, I wanted to help the school to make it a better place.  

My name is Lily and I am a Young Governor in Y5.  I am doing a job share with Tabetha.  I wanted to be a Young Governor because I want to make this school a happier and better place.  The school is already amazing but I believe it could be even better!  


Latest updates:

We did a survey to find out how safe you felt in school.  We are now talking to classes about what we found out.  Thank you for being honest in your survey and making notes about what you thought. 

This is what is being done about some of the issues raised...

"Parking outside school is a problem" 

Mrs Thornton has been out asking people to think about where they park.  Reminders have been given to parents in the newsletter.  Mr Bennett is going to move the sign about road safety to the top gate which is where the parking problem is.  Some parents have contacted the council and so has Mrs Thornton.  Mrs Thornton has suggested we remind our parents that it is important that we stay safe so to park with care.

"I would like more breaktime options"

Mrs Thornton has asked for some ideas.  We already have two traversing walls, two playgrounds with different games being played with adults, a trim trail, art area, reading area and access to the library.  She has asked us to find out if having a lego and game zone would be a good idea.  We will ask you in class!